Safety Consulting

Paragon Safety Group provides high-质量 safety consulting services with the goal of effectively assisting each client with your safety, 质量, and productivity goals. Workplace hazards can affect not only individual workers’ safety, but delay schedules, decrease profit margins, and even damage your company’s reputation. Our consulting services are designed to help you avoid those pitfalls. Our goal is to provide you with a full arsenal of tools to keep your employees safe, maintain a solid safety record, reduce your Workers’ Compensation costs, and prevent large fines due to OSHA violations. Paragon can assist you in decreasing your overall risk and potential liability.

Safety Inspections

Although OSHA standards require your company to perform periodic inspections of your job sites or facilities to ensure a safe work environment for your employees, it’s not just about complying with OSHA, it’s about preventing accidents. At Paragon Safety Group, we have safety consultants who are highly experienced in the proper and most effective methods of inspecting a job site or facility to find and help eliminate potential hazards.

Our comprehensive safety inspections involve extensive physical examination of equipment and 实践 at your worksite or facility in order to capture real-time observations of positive conditions, at-risk behaviors, and at-risk conditions. Our inspectors collect in-depth information to determine compliance, and the resulting information provided to you is structured to support immediate corrective action when required. The report you will receive includes photos, a detailed description of observations, and guidance on the mitigation of at-risk issues. Paragon’s safety inspections often lead to a complete audit of programs, 实践, and systems.

Safety Audits

Our safety audits are key tools to ensuring that management, 雇主, and safety personnel at your facility or jobsite are working together to provide a safe and productive workplace. Safety audits conducted by Paragon Safety Group offer a solution for collecting, 记录, and analyzing safety observations by an unbiased third-party. Our process involves a comprehensive, methodical examination and review of programs, documentation, policies and procedures, 实践, and systems; identifies OSHA violations, potential liability issues and risk exposures; and suggests a strategy for hazard mitigation. Paragon’s safety audits assist in determining the root cause of problems, which can lead to long-term corrective action.

Policies and Procedures

Whether you need an entire turnkey policy and procedures manual or an update of existing policies and procedures, Paragon Safety Group can provide written directives that are crafted specifically for the construction industry and for your company. Our compliance specialists can create a customized safety manual for you that is compliant with applicable OSHA and other regulations, user-friendly, clearly understandable, easily kept up-to-date, and highly professional.

Regardless if your construction company is large or small, Paragon Safety Group can help you conduct a needs assessment, then develop and implement a custom safety program for your organization. Our programs will keep your workers safer, keep you in compliance, and add to your bottom line.