Industrial & Manufacturing Safety Staffing

Industrial and manufacturing job sites require experienced safety professionals to help ensure that safety regulations are met to protect both your employees as well as your reputation. Whether you are working on a short-term or long-term project, the experts at Paragon Safety Group have the experience and training to successfully manage the complications of different industrial and manufacturing sites. You can rest assured knowing that our goals align in protecting your corporate assets, ensuring the safety of your workers and reducing losses to save on cost.

Staffing Your Team on Your Behalf

We have the best safety professionals in the manufacturing industry and will select the perfect fit to meet the needs of your specific project. At Paragon Safety Group, we truly understand that trying to find the best safety manager on your own can be time-consuming which is why we’re here to help by managing all of your recruiting and hiring needs, including the paperwork involved in the process. We stand behind the character of our manufacturing safety professionals and ensure there will always be a Paragon Safety Group worker on-site – even in the rare event that a professional may need a temporary replacement during the duration of the project.

Experience in Hiring the Best Candidates

With the various machinery and equipment present at manufacturing and industrial job sites, it is crucial to have a safety leader guiding the process. At Paragon Safety Group, our manufacturing and industrial safety managers have experience in various job site conditions and are trained to ensure that your project is accident-free. Most importantly, our professionals are experts in managing risk and participate in continuous OSHA training to make sure the best safety practices are in place.

We Are an Extension of Your Human Resources Team

When you choose to partner with Paragon Safety Group, you are choosing to save your company the time, money, and resources involved in the hiring the most qualified safety professionals in your industry. Our clients have full confidence in our ability to choose the highest qualified professional with manufacturing and industrial job experience for your project. Not to mention, we will handle everything including payroll, benefits and taxes.

Let’s get started today! Contact us to find the best industrial and manufacturing safety expert to manage your project site.